Former WWE Superstar Claims Mae Young Loved Them Sucking Her Toes

Mae Young

WWE has aired some remarkably bizarre moments over the decades, but arguably none have been more surreal than one particular backstage skit at WrestleMania 22.

On the show, Booker T teamed with his wife Queen Sharmell to take on The Boogeyman. While the two WWE Hall of Famers were defeated by the worm-munching madman, that wasn’t the strangest part of the segment.

In the moments before the match Booker and Sharmell were on their way to the ring when they encountered a number of “freaks” along the way. The bizarre ensemble was made of Ted DiBiase, Eugene, Gene Snitsky, The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Paul Burchill, and Goldust dressed as Oprah Winfrey.

To add to the “I don’t know how to explain this to my friends” factor, Snitsky was seen sucking Mae Young’s toes, even asking Booker if he wanted to join in.

Snitsky was no stranger to bizarre storylines during his WWE, infamously punting a baby doll into the air during a segment with Lita and Kane as part of a miscarriage angle.

Appearing on the Cheap Heat Productions podcast, Snitsky was asked if he ever turned a storyline down. Unsurprisingly, he said no, recalling sucking Young’s toes, claiming she wanted more.

“Nope. I sucked Mae Young’s toes backstage at WrestleMania! What more can you ask for? And she loved every minute of it. I don’t have to practice. My wife will tell you, I’m a professional foot connoisseur. For the record, Mae Young wanted more. She insisted I keep going but I had to stop when they yelled cut.”

Gene Snitsky Stayed With WWE For Five Years

Gene Snitsky signed with WWE in 2003 and made his main roster debut a year later. The star was released at his own request in December 2008.

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