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Former WWE Stars Pitched Wrestling As Huskus The Pig & Ramblin’ Rabbit

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s Firefly FunHouse is an…interesting place to say the least. However, one long-rumoured move which hasn’t yet come to fruition is the puppets like Abby, Huskus and Ramblin’ Rabbit from the FunHouse coming to life. That isn’t for a lack of trying, though…

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake, now known as Westin Blake, opened up about how he actually pitched wrestling as one of said characters inside the WWE squared circle.

Huskus and Ramblin’ Rabbit weren’t the pair’s only pitch, though, as they requested working with Chelsea Green and Lacey Evans too.

“Yeah. So the Corbin thing was a good one. Chelsea Green as well. We pitched, like, a Dukes of Hazard and, of course, her being Daisy and that type of stuff. We pitched that stuff towards creative. We even pitched kind of like, off the Forgotten Sons, we pitched Lacey Evans kind of shaping us up, giving us the cleaner look and kind of turning us into gentlemen. We pitched that.”

Blake was asked about how the pitch for the Knights of the Lone Wolf came about and, after revealing that he and Cutler had pitched the idea, spoke of the other nixed ideas and pitches he had made after the Forgotten Sons’ push was ground to a halt following an ill-advised tweet from Jaxson Ryker.

“We pitch all sorts of ideas. Another crazy idea that we pitched was we, Steve and myself, we would be part of the kind of the Wyatt Family, but we would be part of as Firefly FunHouse. We would be his pig or his rabbit and we would actually bring it to life. Not only that, but we would be like real-life pig and rabbit and we would actually wrestle people is kind of what we would say. Like, we would kind of do his dirty work.”

The former SmackDown star noted that he and Steve Cutler enjoyed coming up with pitches to try and get themselves back on TV, and that they would come up with many ideas just to see what stuck.

“You know, we pitched that and it just all sorts of things that we were just throwing, you know, just kind of seeing what stuck. And it was fun for Steve and I just to creatively, just kind of, ‘Hey, does this sound good? Does this sound good?’ Of course, just back at that time, they would be like, ‘Oh, yeah, that sounds good. Go with that.’ Or, ‘They’re doing something else with that person.’ So it was… When you get told ‘no’, it just opens your mind up creatively to think, ‘OK, if that’s not going to work, maybe we can go here.’ You always got to keep the wheels turning, so to speak, on trying to get something that may stick or work or something you can just get a grasp of.”

Gary’s full interview with Westin Blake will be available shortly. Meanwhile, you can follow Westin here and check out his interview with Innes McVeyhere.