Former WWE Star Recalls Being ‘Cancelled’ By Walmart

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Al Snow was canceled before it was cool to be canceled.

Former WWE star, Al Snow has been quite the character both inside and outside of the ring. However, Snow was ahead of his time when it came to the all-too-popular topic of being canceled.

When speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Snow recalled the time he was supposedly canceled by the popular retail store, Walmart due to his controversial WWE/F action figure, all the way back in the 90s:

“I was getting canceled before cancel culture was a thing. Two women, who were of all things, assistant professors of Communications at a college in Georgia, we went into a Walmart and without any study, without any homework, without any research, jumped to a very wild and completely innocuous conclusion that the action figure that I had, which included a Barbie doll head that was popped off that had ‘HELP ME’ right across it, was a decapitated women’s head, and then wrote a letter to the Atlanta Constitution.”

Snow would go on to discuss since wrestling was at the height of its popularity at the time, Walmart banned the figure, which actually led to it being sold out much, much quicker:

“And of course, because wrestling was so hot at the time, the Atlanta Constitution printed it, without doing any actual research themselves … and then of course, Walmart saw it, panicked and then it led to where the toy was banned across the nation in every retail outlet, which just led to them selling out that much quicker. Walmart will not sell (the figure) as they feel its an endangerment to the community; now granted, you can still go to Walmart, buy a hunting gun with ammo and a hunting knife to cut up your victim but you can’t buy pregnant Barbie or my action figure.”

While Snow hasn’t been seen on WWE programming on a regular basis since 2008, Snow returned to the ring in 2022 and has had a pair of matches on the independent circuit, this year.

According to the man himself, Snow wasn’t anything without ‘Head’, which has quite the story on how the pair came together, which can be found by clicking here.