Former WWE Star Wants To Return To The Company Under Their Independent Name

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Could Matt Cardona be the next name to make a WWE return?

With Triple H bringing back multiple previously released stars since taking charge of creative, some have speculated that the man formerly known as Zack Ryder may appear on a future episode of Raw or SmackDown. With Cardona not being exclusively contracted to a single promotion, the former Intercontinental Champion has no non-compete clause, meaning a return could take place at any time. It should also be noted that The Game is reportedly a “big fan” of the former WWE star’s work on the independent scene.

Matt Cardona Does Not Want To Return To WWE As Zack Ryder

Speaking on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Cardona would describe what his dream scenario would be if a return to WWE were to happen:

“I mean, if it was up to me, if I would ever go back it would be as me, Always Ready Matt Cardona. Now if there was going to be a surprise run in or Royal Rumble something, if the Always Ready music hit or the Woo Woo, hit which one would get a bigger pop? I understand Zack Ryder, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to live in the past.”

The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion would express how happy he is with his work since the WWE release. In particular, Cardona was very pleased with where he ranked in the most recent PWI 500 rankings:

“You know, I’m saying like, I’m 37 years old, I’m in the prime of my career. I mean, listen, I always say like the PWI 500 Doesn’t matter unless you’re number one or number 13, and I was number 13. Which, you know what? I’m very very proud of that. The only unsigned guy in the top 20, I think it’s pretty damn cool, that you know that I’m being able to do GCW, IMPACT, NWA, all these random indies of all over the world and doing it on my terms. It’s so much fun.”

In the same interview, Matt Cardona was asked if any talks had taken place between himself and WWE, but would not provide any confirmation.

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