Former WWE Star Threatens To Sue Social Media In Bizarre Rant

Ryback CM Punk WWE

A former WWE superstar has threatened to sue several major social media companies for allegedly using “shadow ban technology.”

Ryback Allen Reeves, popularly known as simply “Ryback” during his WWE run, hit out at large organisations such as Twitter, Meta, TikTok and others earlier this week in a cutting tweet, after claiming last year to have lost 300,000 followers.

Former WWE Star Ryback to Sue Major Social Media Companies

Ryback’s threatening tweet said the following;

“Legal letters going out to all the social media companies today. We have given you every opportunity to do the right thing and this is going to be pursued if not made right. This isn’t a game and is bigger than just me. Shadow ban technology has NO PLACE being used to begin with and is rooted in evil and corruption. @elonmusk you have failed to deliver on what you said you would do and I hope you take this very seriously. @twitter @instagram @meta @youtube @tiktok_us @snapchat @wwe @Endeavor good luck.”

Whether the former superstar will go through with his threats is yet to be seen.

Ryback wrestled on WWE’s main roster from 2010 until 2016. Initially debuting as part of The Nexus under the name Skip Sheffield, an injury forced him to step away from the ring for over a year. When he returned, he went under the moniker Ryback, where he appeared on television frequently taking on two or three men in handicap matches.

One of his most notable matches was a Hell in a Cell match against then-WWE Champion CM Punk in October 2012. CM Punk would win the match through underhanded tactics, ending Ryback’s 38-match winning streak.

After parting ways with WWE in 2016, Ryback wrestled for independent wrestling companies across the globe, such as NEW in New Jersey, the SWA in Scotland, and RRW in Australia. His most recent match occurred at NEW in August 2018: a winning effort over Dylan Bostic.