Former WWE Star Says “Grace Of God” Prevented Royal Rumble Return

Royal Rumble

Former WWE star Matt Morgan has revealed that there were plans for him to return to the company after almost a decade at the 2014 Royal Rumble, however in the end he had to turn down the opportunity.

Morgan seemed destined for big things when he debuted in WWE in 2003 as part of Brock Lesnar’s Survivor Series team which was set to take on Kurt Angle’s team at the annual event.

Following defeat at Survivor Series, Morgan continued to tag with the members of the team, including Lesnar himself for several months. However, following Lesnar’s departure from the company in 2004, Morgan was sent back to the company’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he remained until 2005.

When he was once again called up to SmackDown, he portrayed a character with a speech impediment and allied himself with Carlito. The run was short-lived, though, and he was released from the company on July 5th that year.

The star later had stints in NJPW and AJPW before signing with TNA – now IMPACT Wrestling – in 2007. He became a regular in the promotion and worked there until retiring in 2014.

Matt Morgan almost returned to WWE at the 2014 Royal Rumble

In a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Morgan has revealed he was asked to return to WWE at the 2014 Royal Rumble but decided against it as his son was born weeks before the event.

“I would have had that chance when I was supposed to go back and re-debut with them [in] 2014, January 2014. The Royal Rumble. I was going to be The Blueprint finally on WWE TV, not TNA.

But my son Jackson was born January 7th and that was something that my wife and I had been praying on for 12 straight years. We went through eight rounds of IVF, none of them worked. By the grace of God, she naturally got pregnant, the biggest thing for me in my life ever, ever!”

It was the birth of his son that led to Morgan choosing to retire from wrestling altogether, a decision he has no regrets over.

“So when he was born, and I held him for the first time, this switch went off in my head, I’m done. I’m not going back on the road, I need to be a dad and I need to be home here every night, you know, with my son.

“Like I’ve said many times that ended up being the right decision because almost three short years later, a little bit under three years later, Jackson was diagnosed as being nonverbal autistic.

“So again, it’s a tag team, between me and my wife, on being able to take care of him and do the listening and the myriad things we have to do every single day before he goes to school after he goes to school.

“All the therapy needs, you know, getting them in the right charter school, that all those different things that are very important. But let’s say it never happened. I was on track to be re-debuting for Royal Rumble 2014 that January. And so I called them up. I told them what happened.”

During the same interview, Morgan also revealed that he was almost given the role of the brother of Kane and The Undertaker.

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