Former WWE Star Recalls Enraging The Undertaker – “I’m Dead”

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For decades The Undertaker was known as the WWE locker room leader and was the holder of a fearsome reputation backstage.

The legend was often judge, jury, and executioner when it came to backstage disputes and he was simply someone wrestlers never wanted to get on the bad side of. So missing a spot featuring The Deadman due to being asleep was a pretty big deal. However, Swoggle, known as Hornswoggle in WWE did just that.

During an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE star recalled being under the ring as he often was during matches. For much of his WWE tenure the star featured alongside Finley and would appear from under the ring to cause chaos during the Irishman’s appearances. Although things didn’t always go to plan.

Ex-WWE Star Feared The Worst After Upsetting The Undertaker

Swoggle recalled blowing a spot with The Undertaker after falling asleep under the ring. To smooth things over with the WWE Hall of Famer, he sent him a “bottle of brown liquid” as a way of an apology.

“We get to the back and Undertaker asks where were you? I said I was sleeping. He goes, where were you? I said I was sleeping. He goes, holy sh*t, and he just walks off. I go oh I’m dead. I’m done, I’m done. This is it, it’s been a good run. It’s been a good two years at that point. Did a lot of fun things. But I’m done. And he just couldn’t believe it.

And so I graced him with a bottle of brown liquid as an apology gift. And we sat on the bus that night and indulged in that and played cards. And he was just like he goes, I can’t believe that you fell asleep with that much weight going on above you. Like I just the ring wasn’t loud to me after a while. It’s probably why I need my hearing aid all the time nowadays.”

Hornswoggle joined WWE in 2006 and remained with the company for ten years. During this period he featured in a number of high-profile storylines and even became Cruiserweight Champion. Since leaving the company the star has made a number of special appearances, including taking part in the Greatest Royal Rumble where he battled with Kofi Kingston.

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