Former WWE Star Reacts To Stripper Almost Powerbombing An Elderly Woman [VIDEO]

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WWE has spent years imploring fans to “not try this at home” but apparently the rules don’t stretch as far as strip clubs.

In recent days a bizarre video has been doing the rounds on social media of a male stripper trying to get an elderly woman into a Powerbomb position. Former WWE star Ryback got in on the action sharing the clip on TikTok along with his own reaction.

Viewers can only hope that all involved escaped unscathed as the attempt is definitely more ‘Kevin Nash on The Giant in WCW’ than ‘Wardlow Powerbomb Symphony.’ Unfortunately, the video cuts off before it can be determined whether the performer managed to pull off the maneuver, or if he did inadvertently Powerbomb the stranger.


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Controversial Ex-WWE Star Aiming For Comeback

Ryback was recently back in the news after revealing that he is working on a comeback. The star rose to fame in WWE and after a run as part of the Nexus quickly arrived at the top of the card. During this period he clashed with a number of the biggest names in the company, although he never captured the World Championship.

The former Skip Sheffield failed to sustain this momentum and eventually slid down the pecking order before leaving the company in 2016. Ryback’s WWE career was mired in controversy with claims that he was dangerous in the ring, most notably from CM Punk.

Following his exit from WWE, Ryback headed out onto the independent scene but hasn’t wrestled since 2018.

During the interview, Ryback said that he was back fit and healthy, while he also set his sights on a clash with AEW star Wardlow.