Former WWE Star Hits Back At “Elitist” Comments From Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

A former WWE Superstar has hit out at comments made by Vince McMahon in relation to All Elite Wrestling on a recent conference call.

Recently Vince McMahon was speaking on an investor’s conference call when he was asked about AEW. McMahon first commented that he didn’t see the company as competition before seemingly commenting on their talent acquisitions.

McMahon stated:

“I’m not sure where their investments are. When it comes to their talent, perhaps we could give them some more.”

Now former WWE star Maria Kanellis has had her say on McMahon’s comments, saying they are “one of the most elitist things” she’s ever heard.

Kanellis Tweeted:

“Wow. To think of human beings as pawns on a chessboard. That must be one of the most elitist things I’ve heard in a while. I could never think of mothers, children, fathers, people in that way. People are people. Playing with peoples lives is cruel.”

With people coming out of the woodwork to defend the billionaire McMahon, Kanellis responded to one such person by saying:

“I’m bothered by it in every industry that has this as their culture that they cultivate. My brother is in the military, my dad was a prison guard, my mom worked in a nursing home. I have a much broader understanding than the very small scope you are trying to put on me.”

Kanellis and her husband Mike Bennett – who had his own thoughts on McMahon’s comments – were released from WWE in April 2020 alongside a slew of other talents as the global pandemic caused live shows globally to shut down.

Since then WWE has released further stars and prospects in batches in April, May, and June 2021. Those released this April have seen their ninety-day non-compete clauses expire with Chelsea Green already debuting for both Ring Of Honor and IMPACT Wrestling.