Former WWE Star Compares Chelsea Green’s Royal Rumble Return To “A Fart In The Wind”

Chelsea Green Royal Rumble Elimination

One of the few surprises that took place during this year’s WWE Royal Rumble was the return of Chelsea Green.

For weeks the former IMPACT! Wrestling Knockouts Champion was heavily rumoured to make her comeback at the show. Green made her return as the twentieth entrant in the women’s Rumble match and set an unfortunate record in doing so.

Upon making her surprise entrance, Green spent the least amount of time in the history of the women’s match. She lasted just five seconds in the ring before being unceremoniously eliminated by the eventual winner, Rhea Ripley.

Someone who knows a thing or two about making a moment in the Royal Rumble is Maven. The former WWE Superstar shockingly eliminated the Undertaker from the 2002 30-man over-the-top battle royal.

Speaking at a K&S Wrestlefest virtual signing the first-ever Tough Enough winner revealed he thoroughly enjoyed the quick comeback of the Hot Mess.

“This was the big [return]. Hey, guess what, I’m back, ladies and gentlemen. And, I mean, if you went to make a sandwich, if you went to use the bathroom, if you had to take the dog out, if you got a phone call — wrong number phone call, and you did any of [those actions], you missed her big [return] because as quickly as a fart in the wind, Chelsea came in the ring and Chelsea went out of the ring. And I could not have been more ecstatic at her debut back in the Rumble.”

Chelsea Green Revealed A New Character In WWE

Having her big return end in such a way has allowed her to unleash a new self-entitled and arrogant character. After her elimination Green was furious and demanded to speak to someone in charge and report everyone involved taking away her chance to go to WrestleMania.

Her “Karen” persona continued on Raw. After demanding Adam Pearce provide her with a private dressing room, spring water and Swiss chocolate, she threatened to go to his manager, if he didn’t grant her a match. Green faced Asuka in her first match back on WWE television since 2020.

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