Former WWE Star Comments On Surprise Exit

Meiko Satomura Sarray Sareee WWE NXT UK

Earlier this week, news broke that a WWE NXT star had become a free agent.

Sarray signed with WWE in 2020, and despite once being a highly touted prospect, the star hasn’t wrestled in over seven months. According to a report from Tokyo Sports, the star’s contract with WWE is up and she will be returning to Japan.

An update from Fightful Select shed more light on the situation surrounding Sarray’s NXT departure, stating that the star has been on her way out of the company for quite some time. In fact, the report states that the “beginning of the end” actually came in early 2022, when many of her supporters in the company were released from their contracts. William Regal, who was released in January of 2022, was one of these supporters, and the report notes that him leaving the company was seen as a turning point.

The star hasn’t been heavily factored into creative plans since then, and the report says the “writing was on the wall” by spring of 2022.

Talent who spoke with Fightful haven’t seen Sarray around the Performance Center in “ages,” and those talent weren’t given any information from management when they asked about her whereabouts. It was widely accepted within the NXT roster that the creative direction given to Sarray was bad. She last competed in a losing effort against Mandy Rose back in August.

Sarray Confirmed Her WWE Departure

Speaking in a press conference on Instagram Live earlier today, Sarray confirmed that she’s departed WWE and that she’ll be working as a freelance wrestler. Having changed her name back to Sareee, the star later took to Twitter and issued a statement on her departure, making it clear that she was grateful for the opportunity to work with the sports entertainment giant and that she did her best while she was there.

“No matter what some people might say, I did my best. I am so glad that I had the chance to go to WWE

Thank you WWE
Thank you Sarray
Thank you WWE Universe”