Former WWE Star Claims The Internet Has Ruined Wrestling

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It’s hard being a professional wrestler in the age of the internet. With so many people having instant access to a never-ending expanse of knowledge and information, it has become harder for wrestlers to be convincing and genuine in what they do.

Many wrestlers have tried to make the most out of being in a tough situation, but one former WWE superstar has claimed that hearing from and dealing with jaded fans/commentators online has done a lot more harm than good.

Heath Miller, who used to wrestle as Heath Slater in WWE and now competes under the mononym “Heath”, spoke during the K&S WrestleFest event about how the internet and the struggle with following scripts has “ruined” pro wrestling.

“The internet ruined everything. We know how it is, so stop b******* about it and talking crap whenever we have a script and we have to follow it.

It ain’t my fault I have to follow it; it’s given to me. Brother, I ate so many s*** sandwiches and tried to put spices on it to make it taste good.

But when you eat it, it’s still a s*** sandwich. … Wins and losses don’t matter for s***.”

Heath Slater was a part of many big moments and storylines throughout his WWE career

Heath Slater wrestled for WWE between 2006 and 2020. In that time, he was part of some notable feuds and storylines.

He was a member of the original Nexus, he got beaten up by multiple legends, he had an almost cult-like following in 2016 when he wasn’t drafted to either RAW or SmackDown, and he had a short-lived “he’s got kids” storyline that ended when Brock Lesnar took him to Suplex City.

That Nexus storyline still strikes a nerve with Heath all these years later as he still blames John Cena for changing the finish for the big WWE vs Nexus match at SummerSlam 2010 in a way that did more harm than good.

h/t EWrestlingNews for the transcription