Former WWE Star Accuses Company Of “Rewriting History”

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WWE was the unquestioned king of the wrestling business in the United States for decades. Once the Monday Night Wars ended, the company was able to say whatever it wanted and decided to re-write wrestling history however its management saw fit.

Some longtime wrestling fans have noted the inconsistencies in recent revisits to wrestling past. Triple H was sometimes described as a major force behind the company’s success during the Attitude Era when in fact he was largely a support player.

There have been major differences on who was to blame for WCW’s downfall during the Monday Night Wars. A DVD on the Ultimate Warrior painted Warrior in an extremely negative light due to his bad relationship with the company at the time.

These are only some of the examples of the company re-writing history. And now, another wrestler has given a new example of the same problem.

Chavo Guerrero accuses WWE of re-writing history regarding Hall of Fame inductions

In an interview with Bill Apter on WrestleBinge by Sportskeeda, Chavo argued that the company doesn’t induct anyone into their Hall of Fame who isn’t on good terms with the company.

“WWE rewrites — and this is not a bitter thing, just saying what it is — they rewrite wrestling history to really benefit WWE.

Let’s say the NFL … I don’t care if a player is in a lawsuit with the NFL, or there’s an issue with the player, if that player is deserving of being in the Hall of Fame, they put him in the Hall of Fame.

WWE will only put wrestlers in the Hall of Fame that they are still on good terms with. It’s not like they’re putting people … well some people turn them down, of course. But WWE rewrites wrestling history a little bit to benefit them. That’s just … everybody knows that. Anybody who’s in the business kind of sees that.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription