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Former WWE Referee Warned Ricochet About Signing With WWE


Former WWE referee Marty Elias says he warned Ricochet about joining WWE saying that the company would “handcuff” the high-flying superstar.

Marty Elias was a referee in WWE for several years, working as the man in the middle for the acclaimed Shawn Michaels and Undertaker bout at WrestleMania 25. Elias also spent time working as an official for the Lucha Underground promotion where he came across Ricochet who worked for Lucha Underground as the masked Prince Puma.

Speaking on UnSKripted, Elias says he warned off Ricochet about joining WWE, saying he wouldn’t get to be himself under the umbrella of the giant organisation:

“I remember talking to Trevor (Ricochet’s first name) when he wanted to get out of his Lucha Underground deal, and he was adamant about it, and I remember talking about it, and I said, look, you’re going to go there, and rightfully so, you should go there, everybody should go there if that’s the goal.”

“But I said, here’s the thing, they are not going to let you do what you’re doing here at Lucha Underground. They are not going to let you be Ricochet. They are not going to let you be Prince Puma, they are going to handcuff you, and they are going to tell you to be Ricochet WWE.”

Ultimately Ricochet wanted the chance to provide security for his family so made the leap to WWE in 2018 when he joined NXT. The former Lucha Underground Champion went on to win the NXT North American Championship before joining the main roster.

Elias believes Ricochet was right to go to WWE if that’s what he wanted but says he was right about WWE clipping the star’s wings somewhat:

“That’s what they are going to be. He was adamant about it, ‘No, I want to go, and I want to make the money and my son.’ I said, ‘Okay, alright.’ Like I said, everybody should go do it, and unfortunately, like I said, that’s exactly what WWE has done.”

“And I really feel that if he was not with WWE, I think that he would be doing what he was doing in the past and who is to say he can’t go to MLW and resurrect a character like Prince Puma where they take the handcuffs off them.”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription