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Former WWE Referee On John Cena Making Shock Return To WWE

John Cena

Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas has given his thoughts on John Cena returning to WWE saying that everyone has missed him during his absence.

Cena made his hotly anticipated return to WWE at the end of the Money In The Bank pay-per-view confronting dominant WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Following that appearance, Cena opened up Monday Night Raw with a warning to Reigns that he would see him on SmackDown. A SummerSlam main event between the two megastars has been rumoured for months now and WWE seems to be putting them on a collision course for The Biggest Party In The Summer.

Former longtime WWE official Jimmy Korderas has given his thoughts on Cena’s return, noting the incredible ovation he received at Money In The Bank.

Speaking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Korderas said:

“Did you hear that enormous eruption when his music? It’s amazing. That’s what’s been missing for these last 18 months or so is that live reaction from the crowd because that’s what this business has been predicated on since day one, and you saw that the talent themselves were reacting to the reaction that the crowd was providing. And as far as Cena getting cheered, pardon my bad karaoke but, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.’ Everybody misses this guy, and it just goes to show you what a huge superstar he was back in the day. It was cool to see him back, not thrilled about the Oakland A’s colours, but that’s just me being a Blue Jays guy.”

Jimmy Korderas then discussed his own relationship with John Cena, reliving Cena’s days as the Dr. of Thuganomics:

“People don’t realize the work ethic behind this guy and how much he actually truly loves what he is doing. We had a good relationship. We had a friendly relationship. We’d be on these buses overseas, and he’d be rapping along and making up stuff like on the fly.”

“And I’d be sitting there listening, enjoying this stuff, and every once in a while, there’d be bad one. I remember one time on the bus, I think it was Johnny Stamboli, of all people, wanted to challenge John to a rap battle, which didn’t go very well for Johnny The Bull, let’s put it that way. Cena ate him alive, and it was hilariously funny. Johnny thinking, ‘New York kid, I’ll show this guy from West Newbury, MA,’ and he was handed his lunch, let’s put it that way.”

Credit: The Wrestling Inc. Daily