Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Claims Rival Injured Them Deliberately Out Of Jealousy

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Ahmed Johnson signed with WWE in 1995 and just a year later he was Intercontinental Champion.

During this period Johnson was considered something of a rising star in the company and heading for the main event, as well as being in line for a shot at the World Championship. However, things came to a shuddering halt in July 1996 with the debut of Faarooq.

Known as Faarooq Asad, the debuting star interrupted a match between Johnson & Shawn Michaels and The Smoking Gunns. In the midst of the exchange, the debutant kicked Johnson in the kidneys which caused him to miss a number of months while he also vacated the Intercontinental Title.

Speaking on the Pounding The Meat podcast, Johnson accused Faarooq, real name Ron Simmons, of injuring him deliberately.

“Yeah, I think he did [deliberately cause injury]. I think he was also jealous and upset because here he was, the first black champion in WCW, and then here I was becoming the first Intercontinental black champion in WWF [WWE]. I think there was some jealousy there.”

Johnson added that the incident derailed his career, given the high-profile plans for him that had to be scrapped.

“The recovery set me back a little ways, man,” Johnson continued. “It messed my shot up at the world title with Shawn, which I heard I was gonna get the belt then. It really set me back, man. He really threw my career off track when he did that.”

Ahmed Johnson Stayed With WWE Until 1998

When Johnson returned to action he launched into a feud with Faarooq, but he remained out of World Title contention. The star left WWE in early 1998 in highly acrimonious circumstances before debuting in WCW in early 2000.

However, by the summer he had already left the company, a move that effectively ended his career. Although he made a handful of appearances on the independent scene, Johnson hasn’t wrestled since November 2003.

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