Former WWE Champion Wants To Form Modern Day Road Warriors With Brock Lesnar

AEW Brock Lesnar

The Road Warriors are widely regarded as one of the greatest tag teams in history. But imagine if that destructive streak was revived in 2023 by a team including Brock Lesnar.

That idea is the ridiculously hard-hitting brainchild of former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

During an appearance on Next Stop Hollywood with the Sony Sports Network, the All-Mighty discussed wanting to win the World Tag Team Titles, something he has never done. The former World Champion then pitched a wild scenario which would see him team with long-time rival Brock Lesnar and smash through the entire WWE roster.

“The another thing I thought, this is completely far fetched on a whole different angle. I thought, you know, me and Brock fight a lot against each other, what if we were on the same team? We’d almost be like a modern day Road Warriors.

It would probably be fun, the crowd would probably get off on watching us just go through and annihilate people together, that would be pretty interesting.”

Lashley added that he “definitely” wants to win the tag team titles before he retires to become a Grand Slam Champion.

Brock Lesnar Got WrestleMania Match Changed So He Could Go Home Early

While Brock Lesnar is currently preparing to take on Omos at WrestleMania 39, his WrestleMania 35 match with Seth Rollins was recently back in the news.

The main show opened with host Alex Bliss introducing Hulk Hogan and the pair hyped up the crowd. However, they were interrupted by Paul Heyman who said that if Lesnar wasn’t going to be in the main event, he wasn’t going to be hanging around all night. At this, Heyman introduced The Beast and the match got underway.

Incredibly, former WWE writer Dave Schilling has revealed that Lesnar did force the running order to be changed. In a thread on Twitter, Schilling stated that Lesnar vs. Rollins was set to be the semi-main event, but Lesnar got it changed as he wanted to go home early.

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