Former WWE Universal Champion Teases Potential Rematch With Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns stands over Goldberg

WWE’s Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been targeted by The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor. During his current reign, The Tribal Chief has put down some of the company’s top names, including Balor.

The two superstars have faced off in five singles matches over the years, with Reigns winning four of them. The last time the two men faced off in a singles competition was at Extreme Rules 2021, where Reigns defeated the 41-year-old star to retain his Universal title. Balor’s only victory over Reigns came on July 25, 2016, episode of WWE Raw.

Finn Balor Hasn’t Forgotten Roman Reigns

The Extreme Rules meeting was somewhat infamous for a spot towards the end of the bout in which the lights flashed red and Balor, as The Demon, sprung back to life after taking a table bump. Balor proceeded to batter Reigns but was thwarted on a Coup de Grace attempt when the top rope mysteriously snapped, leading to his defeat. Although it was suggested supernatural forces had been at work, it was later reveal via fan footage that a WWE cameraman had cut the rope.

Recently, Finn Balor shared an Instagram story to promote his action figure. The story featured a still of Balor’s action figure attacking Roman Reigns’ action figure in the ring. The post has been gaining traction on social media as fans anticipate a potential upcoming rematch between the two superstars.

In their previous matches, Reigns was able to use his sheer size and strength to overpower Balor. And although Reigns’ record title run looks unlikely to end any time soon, Balor has shown himself to be a formidable opponent in the ring, often relying on his athleticism and technical prowess to outmanoeuvre his opponents.

The question remains: will Balor get another showdown with Reigns? As the inaugural Universal Champion, he would certainly have a good claim to another shot at Roman Reigns’ title.