Former WWE Champion Fires Back At Claims They Were Buried By Triple H

WWE Triple H

While Triple H had a legendary in-ring career in WWE, he has often been dogged by accusations that he “buried” certain opponents.

One of those stars was former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam, who had several clashes with The Game in the early 2000s.

RVD joined WWE after his former employer ECW folded in 2001. While there, he had a successful run that included five reigns with the Intercontinental Championship and a brief run as the WWE Champion after defeating John Cena at One Night Stand in 2006.

Despite this success, there has been speculation that Triple H held The Whole Damn Show back from greater heights.

Rob Van Dam addresses claims Triple H “buried” him

On the latest edition of Cafe de Rene, Van Dam admitted that he did think The Cerebral Assassin didn’t like him and was indeed holding him back.

“What’s funny like at this stage having the perspective of a much bigger picture. That means something completely different than it did back then.

“With that competitive heart being in the mix back in 2005 or whatever, then it felt like, ‘this motherf**ker, like he’s competition with me, and just because he doesn’t like me he’s holding me back. And if it wasn’t for him, boom.'”

However, RVD says that even if that was the case, wouldn’t take it personally as he’s well aware of his reputation from the time.

“I don’t take it as personal if that is the truth, you know. I think that Hunter had the right, just like anybody did, to think that I was a bit of a wildcard, you know.

“Because I was a non-conformist and also kinda like pushed back to authority and I was very uncensored in every which way.”

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription.