Former WWE Champion Calls Out UFC Legend Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor WWE UFC

The wrestling world has been abuzz following the astonishing news that WWE and UFC were merging under the Endeavor umbrella in a multi-billion dollar deal.

After the news broke MMA legend, Conor McGregor posted an image of himself wearing the titles of both promotions. The picture caught the attention of Paul Hyeman, who called him a “Roman Reigns wannabe”. McGregor responded by threatening to break his jaw.

The war of words between the two continued. Speaking in an interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Heyman broke down his beef with McGregor before brandishing him a clown.

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler Called Out UFC Legend Conor McGregor

Taking to social media for the first time in 2023, former two-time World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler sensationally called out McGregor but only if drops 45 pounds first.

PS: If I can drop 45 more pounds,
I can drop anyone talking trash!
seems even easier to get the deal done now, right

After calling out the MMA legend, Ziggler posted an image of a tale of the tape mockup.

Ziggler boasts an impressive amateur wrestling career. He holds a St. Edward High School record for pins and won two national championships. He went on to have a great wrestling career for Kent State University, setting a school record for wins and became a three-time Mid-American Conference champion.

This isn’t the first time McGregor has been called out to by a WWE Superstar. In a 2016 controversial tweet, the former Featherweight and Lightweight double-champion claimed he would “slap the head off” the “entire roster. And twice on Sundays.”

The post went viral and resulted in several Superstars such as AJ Styles, Roman Reigns and Sheamus responding to McGregor telling him to “shut up” or face the consequences.

McGregor last fought inside the octagon in 2021. At UFC 264 he faced Dustin Poirier for the third time. The Irish star lost the bout after suffering a broken tibia, which rendered him unable to continue. Currently, McGregor is a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 31 for the second time, against Michael Chandler. They will face each other after the season, in what will be a huge comeback match.