Former WWE Champion Blames Roman Reigns For World Heavyweight Championship Being “Secondary”

WWE Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns is closing in on 1000 days as Universal Champion, breaking all modern records and solidifying his name in the history books as one of the most dominant Superstars to perform in WWE.

At WrestleMania 38, he added the WWE Championship to his shoulder when he defeated Brock Lesnar in the main event of night two. Since then, he’s reigned atop both brands as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and despite the best efforts of Lesnar, Sami Zayn, and Cody Rhodes, his reign shows no sign of stopping soon.

On the April 24th episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H made an appearance to announce the creation of a new World Heavyweight Championship, saying that following the WWE Draft, Reigns would be assigned to one brand and the new World Heavyweight Champion would be crowned on the other. Reigns was drafted to SmackDown on April 28th, meaning the new title would be exclusive to Raw.

“We Had To Create A New Title Because Roman Reigns Holds Them All” – AJ Styles

Speaking in a Zoom interview with the New York Post, former WWE Champion AJ Styles commented on the new title, making it clear that he feels the belt is secondary to the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship as no one has been able to defeat Reigns in such a long time and the new title was created because of Reigns’ dominance.

“Is it a secondary? Well if the Raw championship is held by Roman, the SmackDown championship is held by Roman, then how can you argue that it’s not? We had to make a new championship because Roman holds them all.

“What happens if he decides to wrestle for the World Heavyweight championship? It is what it is and we got what we got. If we make the best of it, and if and when Roman does challenge [for it], we beat the brakes off of him, whomever it might be, then we’ll see what title’s secondary.”

When announcing the formation of the new title, Triple H pointed to Roman Reigns’ limited in-ring schedule, saying he wanted a champion who would be able to regularly defend the belt. Styles agrees with this mentality, believing the new title will be placed on someone who will be a “workhorse” for the company. Styles said the following, calling back to his own experience as WWE Champion:

“This guy’s gonna be on the pay-per-views, he’s gonna be on the live events, he’s gonna do all these things that need to be done. When I was [WWE] champion I was on all the live events, I was on all the pay-per-views, all the TV’s. That’s what you do.

“The price for being the World Heavyweight champion is, yes, you get the recognition of being the champion, but you also have to do the job of being the world champion. You got to be there and you got to do the job.”

Styles is set to face off against Seth Rollins for the new World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions on May 27th.