Former World Champion Hits Out At Modern Wrestlers Not Having Any Heat

World Champion World Heavyweight Championship

As wrestling has evolved, one former World Champion believes current stars don’t get proper heat anymore.

Professional wrestling has undergone a multitude of changes in the past few decades, and one of the shifts has been to feature smaller and more athletic performers.

Speaking on the debut edition of his Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash criticized current wrestlers for not being as intimidating as stars of the past, and said that nobody has proper heat these days.

“And the thing that I found out, or I realized was like, nobody has any heat. And there’s nobody on the television show that I look at, and I say, that person. If this was real, and kicked my door down, I’d be like, ‘Oh, f*ck,’ you know. I mean, they’re athletic. But I mean, they didn’t look like they can throw a f*cking punch.”

In contrast, Kevin Nash spoke elsewhere on the podcast about his late friend Scott Hall, saying that the WWE Hall of Famer was the “total package” when it came to both character and in-ring work. He also recalled the emotional last The Kliq got to spend talking together before Hall’s tragic death.

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