Multiple Former Women’s Champions Hit Back At Restoring The WWE Divas Title

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Though Maria Kanellis wants to see the WWE Divas Title restored, multiple former WWE Women’s Champions disagree!

Maria Kanellis stirred up controversy during a recent interview with Grapsody when she floated the idea of bringing back the WWE Divas Championship. During the show, she pointed out that there were a number of good workers during the Divas era and said that she wants to bring back the belt that’s shaped like a sparkly butterfly.

“There were a ton. Trish [Stratus], Lita, Ivory caught the tail end of that. Victoria, Molly was in that era. You had workers. Down the line, you have Beth [Phoenix], Melina, Mickie [James], Nattie. You had a ton of workers that came from the Indies too. It was a mix at that time. I think they should bring back the Butterfly belt. I do. I know people will disagree with me and that’s fine. That’s why wrestling is great because when you watch wrestling, you don’t see everybody looking exactly the same.” (h/t Fightful)

Two of the women she named have since hit back at the idea, indicating that they prefer to stick with the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships as they stand.

Mickie James, who reigned as both a WWE Women’s Champion and a WWE Divas Champion during her time in the company, took to social media to explain why she prefers the original Women’s Championship over all others.

“Personally. I prefer the OG Women’s Championship. Nothing is prettier. The women who held that championship were legends, Icons, History makers, Game changers. Ceiling breakers, todays road pavers. This one. Not so much.”

Trish Stratus, who reigned as WWE Women’s Champion seven times, also hit back at the idea of restoring the butterfly belt, stating simply, “No.”