Former WCW Star Recalls Haku’s Stunning Reaction To Being Hit By A Concrete Block

Haku Meng

Wrestling fans are used to seeing action take place inside the squared circle, but one man who has a reputation for being the toughest outside of the ring is Haku.

Known in WCW as Meng, the Tongan sensation spent decades in professional wrestling and even won the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Andre the Giant.

Speaking to Jake Roberts on the latest episode of The Snake Pit, Kevin Sullivan added to the legend of Haku’s toughness by telling a story of him being hit with a cinder block thrown off a roof. While normal humans would be taken out by such a devastating blow, Haku simply shook it off as a brief distraction.

“Everybody talks about how Haku being the toughest guy in the business? I saw something that I guarantee you made him the toughest guy in my eyes. They [fans in Nassau County, Florida] used to sit through — like Jake said, we had a little dressing room that was like a storage unit, but it was little bit bigger. It’s an old storage house. They’d sit on the roof of that place, and we’d have to run in.

“As we’re running — and they had umbrellas too, and they’d stab you with the umbrellas. I’m ready to go out and I see Meng coming back. And all of a sudden, they threw a cinder block and hit him on the shoulder from the roof.

“He dropped to a knee, but he just shook it off and came in. If they had hit him in the head, it would have killed him. That was the craziest place I ever wrestled in.” (h/t eWrestlingNews)

JBL Once Said Haku And Ken Shamrock Were The Toughest Men In WWE’s Locker Room

During a February 2022 interview with Inside the Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart, JBL named Haku along with Ken Shamrock as two of the toughest men in wrestling. In fact, he said that fights between the two of them would have been legendary at the time DX invaded WCW in 1998.

“Yeah, we had Ken Shamrock in our locker room. He won the UFC. I think you know him or Haku.

I remember we had the invasion and they’d gone over there and invaded WCW, and we didn’t know if they were going to invade us back and so they actually had us standing around the parking lot just to see, you know, we didn’t know what was going to happen, you know, so The Harris boys were there. Shamrock was there. Blackman was there. Me and Ron were there.

All the boys were kind of standing around. Of course, nothing happened and we just always joked about it. They send, Haku over, we’re just going to send Shamrock out and we’re going to watch them fight for the next 10 years because that would be the greatest fight in the history of the world.”