Former WCW Star Felt “Disappointed & Disheartened” By Failed Championship Reign

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Back in 1998, Raven was embroiled in a feud with Diamond Dallas Page over the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship.

Raven eventually captured the title at that year’s Spring Stampede. However, his reign was extremely short-lived as he lost it to Goldberg the next night on Nitro and never regained it.

Speaking to PWMania, the star revealed that he had not been informed of the decision in advance and it felt “disheartening” when it happened because he was hoping to elevate the championship.

“No, I had no idea. It was very disappointing and disheartening too but it’s a business. I felt like, sometimes they put the belt on somebody and they can elevate it. Sometimes they put the belt on the guy it devalues it. And sometimes it’s just neither, it just doesn’t do anything for it doesn’t hurt it. Whereas I felt like I could have elevated it.”

He went on to clarify that he saw why Goldberg won the title, but he didn’t believe he needed it.

“Not that Goldberg didn’t [elevate the title] you know what I mean? Because he was in the jetpack, you know what I mean?”

“He deserved [to win the U.S. Title] because he was over, you know, whether he could work or not, it doesn’t even make a difference. He could draw money. And he did. I felt like he didn’t need it. And I could have used it at that point.”

Raven knew he could count on himself to get over in WCW

Eventually, the star says he realised that he would be able to get over regardless of having the US Championship as he had a unique character.

“Ultimately, when I thought about it, I’m like, I don’t really need it, because my character is so unique that I’m gonna get over anyway.

“Despite bad booking decisions or good booking decisions or any booking decisions, I’m gonna get over regardless. And that’s what I’ve always counted on, myself.

“I’ve always said to anybody that when I want to get a job somewhere when I started. I said, give me three weeks. That’s it. All I need is three weeks to get over if you don’t think I’m valuable then get rid of me.”

During the same interview, the ECW Original discussed his health and why he will never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

H/T to PWMania for the above transcription.