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Former WCW Star Crowbar Makes AEW Debut On Elevation


Former WCW World Tag Team Champion Crowbar made his first appearance for All Elite Wrestling at their recent tapings in Philadelphia, PA.

Crowbar competed in World Championship Wrestling between 1999 until just before the company’s closure in March 2001. While in WCW Crowbar is best remembered for joining forces with David Flair and Daffney. It was in January 2000 that Flair and Crowbar became WCW World Tag Team Champions after winning a tournament for the title.

Since then Crowbar has made sporadic appearances on the independent scene but has now set foot in the land of All Elite, taking on Joey Janela on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Before the bout, Crowbar released a video hyping his match and also to thank Tony Khan while referencing WWE Head Of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis. Crowbar stated:

“Following my release from World Championship Wrestling, I took many steps back from this disgusting, depraved industry and the repressive glass ceiling that encased it and I found much success in all… all of my future endeavors, thank you John Laurinaitis. And outside of indulging in my sick compulsion for violence at the occasional independent show, for 20 years, I watched from a distance, patiently waiting, preparing for the proper moment, and the proper venue, to conduct my symphony of eloquent, efficient violence in front of the world.”

“Finally, a visionary has shattered that glass ceiling and changed this sport forever. A visionary who has created an environment that cultivates greatness, and he allows creativity and innovation to thrive, 20 years later. That visionary is now the farmer who has invited the fox inside the chicken coup, and the shepherd who has allowed the wolf to roam with his flock. Cheers, and thank you, Mr. Khan.”

Crowbar was accompanied by ECW icon The Blue Meanie for the match but that wasn’t enough to stop The Bad Boy from picking up the win.