Former Star Hints At In-Ring Return To Face Austin Theory

Austin Theory promo

Austin Theory is undoubtedly heading for big things.

The young star is the current United States Champion and is reportedly heading for a huge showdown with John Cena at WrestleMania 39. Since establishing himself on the main roster, Theory has defeated numerous former World Champions and quickly risen up the card.

Theory has impressed fans and those within the industry with his performances, including SmackDown announcer Wade Barrett. In fact, Barrett is so impressed that he’s hinted that he might be tempted to get back in the ring to face the former NXT star.

Barrett hasn’t wrestled since April 2016 and has only worked as a commentator since returning to WWE in 2020. However, speaking to the Daily Star, the former Intercontinental Champion said that if he wrestled again, he’d look to face Theory.

“There are so many youngsters coming through right now that I’ve been really impressed with. I’m going to cherry pick one that I worked with a bit in NXT.

He’s young, up and coming and I think he’s got a huge future, and that’s Austin Theory. That guy’s ceiling is as high as any [in] this young pack of Superstars coming through right now.

I think Theory probably has another 15-20 years at the top if he wants it and can keep going, and stay fit and healthy. In terms of his personality, his confidence on the mic, his smarts behind the scenes and of course his athletic ability, he’s a guy who could really go to the top.

That’s the kind of person I would certainly be looking at if it was to be a youngster I’d step in the ring with.”

Barrett went on to discuss how much he’s enjoying his work as an announcer but admitted that he’s not ruling out an in-ring comeback.

“I’m not ruling it out – maybe one day it will happen. I’d be surprised if I ever got to a point where I wanted to do it full time like a Sheamus or a Drew is still doing it. But on a part-time basis or a spot match, if the storyline made sense, it’s not something I’d rule out.

In terms of my future within the industry, I 100% see it in commentary. I am probably having more fun now in my current role than I ever have in any point in my career, from the independent scene [to] the main roster of WWE and main eventing shows like SummerSlam and Survivor Series in 2010.”

Austin Theory To Go Face-To-Face With John Cena

John Cena is set to return to WWE on the March 6th episode of Raw at the TD Garden in Boston. Theory has promised a special welcome for the Hollywood star, with reports suggesting that the build to their WrestleMania match starts here.