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Former ROH World Champion Homicide Makes Shock AEW Debut


Former ROH World Champion Homicide made his presence felt at AEW Rampage Grand Slam as he got involved in the Lights Out match between Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Suzuki-gun.

Moxley and Suzuki renewed their brutal rivalry inside Arthur Ashe Stadium bringing along their tag team partners Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer for a gruelling Lights Out anything goes match.

During the brawl, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley found himself handcuffed to the ropes, helpless to defend himself or to help his partner, Kingston. With Suzuki-gun in control, a face from Kingston’s past came to his aid as Homicide made his AEW debut.

The former Ring Of Honor World Champion freed Moxley from his binds before Eddie Kingston put a trashcan over Lance Archer’s head and used The Murderhawk Monster’s metal prison as a pinata, smashing Archer with a kendo stick dozens of times before picking up the pinfall victory for his team.

After the match Homicide, Moxley, and Kingston celebrated in front of Kingston and Homicide’s hometown New York City crowd.

Homicide joined Ring Of Honor in 2002, feuding with the likes of Jay Lethal, Colt Cabana, and most famously Bryan Danielson over the years. Homicide and Danielson engaged in a thrilling best of five series in 2005 with Danielson coming out the victor at three wins to two. The American Dragon however was the man Homicide defeated in 2006 to finally become the Ring Of Honor World Champion.

In 2005 Homicide also made his TNA debut forming LAX with Konnan. The team cycled through a few partners before finding success with Homicide and Hernandez winning the NWA/TNA Tag Team Championship three times. In 2017 Homicide turned on Konnan and the new iteration of LAX that included Santana, Ortiz, and Diamante as he sided with Eddie Kingston and Hernandez. That trio called themselves The OGz. In October of that year, The OGz lost a Concrete Jungle Death Match to LAX at Bound For Glory. Two nights later, Homicide competed in his final match in IMPACT Wrestling as he and Hernandez lost to the current AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Brothers.

Homicide rejoined ROH in the spring of 2021, joining VLNCE UNLTD. He and Chris Dickinson recently lost the ROH World Tag Team Title to Dragon Lee and Kenny King of La Faccion Ingobernable.