Former ROH Star “Totally Finished” With Wrestling

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A nineteen-year wrestling veteran and former ROH World Champion has confirmed his retirement from wrestling in the wake of domestic abuse allegations made against him.

Davey Richards wrestled for ROH for seven years between 2006 and 2013 and wrestled all over the American independent wrestling scene as well. He has won championship in numerous promotions across the United States and in 2011 he was considered one of the best active wrestlers in the world.

However, Richards appears to have encountered some serious turmoil in his personal life. Back in March, allegations of domestic abuse were made against him which caused severe damage to his mental well-being, to the point that, according to a recent statement of his, Richards contemplated suicide.

ROH’s Davey Richards retires from professional wrestling to deal with allegations in his personal life

Richards posted a lengthy statement to his Twitter describing where his head has been recently and that his decision to leave wrestling is so that no-one else in the wrestling business either ends up caught in the crossfire or suffers any adverse effects as a result of being associated with him.

“The last 3 months have been – wow, tempestuous to say least. Things got very dark for awhile for me – at one point I planned on taking my own life. Sounds to surreal to think I was in that state. To have a couple bitter ex’s do through the trouble, turn, and effort to spread false information about me to destroy my wrestling career – a career that I came back to with no other intent then to just give back was harrowing. Worst – they succeeded in doing so.

“I could have sought vengeance – but those whom seek vengeance should start by digging two graves. Since that time that accuser has admitted her claims were false and the other – well- that’s her cross to bear. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others through wrestling and medicine.

To claim I was intentionally hurting others was heartbreaking. Worst again- everyone bought it. I really wanted to use my last year or so in wrestling to give back and give the vast amounts of knowledge back to the sport that has given me so much. But it looks like that was not meant to be.

“But the darkest days always bring the brightest mornings. I’ve re–dedicated myself to my study of medicine, my love of grappling, and most of being a father. If I hold onto the bitterness and apathy as those whom tarnished my name then I am no better than them.

So I forgive them. I was given a talent by God for wrestling and for medicine – no one can take that from me and it is my responsibility to use my talents and passion to help and serve humanity. Today I can say – I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I have peace and direction in life.

“If this is the end of my in ring career – I am nothing but grateful for every time I got to step foot in that ring. Love me or hate me – I can say with complete honesty I gave you everything I had in me every single time. Wrestling is good. Life is good. Love you all. Davey.”

Davey Richards’ last ROH match was in November 2013 in which he and Eddie Edwards lost to the team of Eddie Kingston & Homicide.

h/t Cultaholic for the transcription