Former NXT Talent Appears On The Walking Dead

NXT The Walking Dead

A former NXT superstar appeared on The Walking Dead as a wrestler in the zombie apocalypse.

Percy Watson participated in the second season of NXT. He was mentored by MVP and managed to make it to fifth place. He’d go on to have a short run in the company, notably as a reoccurring talent on WWE Superstars. While the former NXT star may’ve impressed some fans, he ultimately never appeared on SmackDown or Raw and was released in May 2013.

Going by his real name Nick McNeil, the former NXT star has recently made a special appearance on the hit show The Walking Dead. McNeil guest starred as a caped professional wrestler named Captain Commonwealth. For those unaware, the name comes from where the show is currently set as our heroes encounter a thriving city in the zombie apocalypse called The Commonwealth.

Outside of his guest spot on The Walking Dead, McNeil has appeared as The Unknown Hand in EC3’s Free Your Narrative event in 2021. He’s also made a cameo in the film Cherry, which starred Tom Holland and was helmed by MCU directors The Russo Brothers.

After spending some time away from the company, McNeil returned to WWE in 2016 and joined Tom Phillips and Corey Graves in the broadcast booth in NXT. He then became a color commentator for 205 Live and Main Event before quitting the company in 2019 to pursue an acting career.