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Former NXT Tag Champion Debuts New Identity

Wes Lee Fabian Aichner MSK vs Imperium Giovanni Vinci NXT Tag Team Championship

A former NXT Tag Team Champion has a new identity and a flashy new entrance!

For weeks, NXT 2.0 has been airing vignettes that feature a woman with an Italian accent speaking about a new character called Giovanni Vinci. While Vinci’s identity was initially a mystery, it was confirmed last week that the name would be given to former NXT Tag Team Champion Fabian Aichner, who didn’t join his fellow Imperium members when they made their transition to SmackDown in April. It was also revealed that he would make his in-ring debut on June 14th.

Sure enough, Vinci debuted on the latest episode, and while his in-ring acumen has always been stellar, also impressive was the star’s new entrance, which saw him make his way to the ring to a series of camera shutter sounds, which brought to mind paparazzi capturing his every move. Every time a picture was taken, the screen froze on images of the star along with a one-word caption. The series of images said his catchphrase, “Veni Vidi Vinci” before one final image was captioned with his name.

Throughout the match, Wade Barrett highlighted the high society ties of the former Imperium member, saying that whenever he walks into a room everyone wants to be him and also noting that he’s drunk a lot of champagne in his time but is now looking for success. Sure enough, he managed to easily defeat his opponent Guru Raaj with what Barrett called “style and grace.”

Elsewhere on the show, it was announced that injured star Nikkita Lyons will be returning soon. The episode also featured Troy ‘Two Dimes’ Donovan in action despite reports of him having been released earlier this week.