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Former ECW Star Declares “I’m Alive Again” After Death Hoax

Blue Meanie

ECW legend The Blue Meanie, has joked that he feels alive and refreshed after being declared dead online.

Blue Meanie, real name Brian Heffron, became the latest public figure to be targeted by the hoax on June 19th. Heffron was was alerted to the hoax on Twitter, after the former ECW star’s Wikipedia page had been altered.

Heffron initially dryly asked why no one told him he was dead, asking someone to fix the post.

After the Wikipedia page was corrected, the former WWE Superstar joked that he felt “alive again” and “refreshed,” before asking that the 19th June now be known as ‘Meanie Easter.’

The Blue Meanie debuted in ECW in 1995 before joining with Stevie Richards and Nova the following year to create The Blue World Order. The group served as a parody of The New World Order in WCW.

Meanie left ECW in 1998 heading to WWE where he appeared as ‘Bluedust,’ this time a parody of the Goldust character.

Heffron’s time in WWE is perhaps best remembered for a clash with JBL at the ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view in 2005. During a brawl on the show, Meanie was left bloodied after the big Texan laid in some hefty right hands.

The incident led to a brief on-screen feud between the two which resulted in a No Disqualification match between the pair. Blue Meanie won the match after Stevie Richards came to his rescue with a steel chair.

Specialising in the bizarre, early in 2021 The Blue Meanie revealed that he had spoken to AEW President Tony Khan in an online chatroom in the 1990’s. Meanie explained how he was in a chatroom with Mike Johnson of PWInsider and other mutual friends along with Khan. The former ECW star confirmed that Khan was a big fan of the hardcore brand, and traded tapes along with other committed fans.