Former Champion Hilariously Calls Out Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan SmackDown Women's Champion

A former SmackDown Women’s Champion says that Liv Morgan is “done for!”

At Money in the Bank, Liv Morgan successfully climbed the ladder to win the Money in the Bank contract. Not only that, she successfully cashed in her contract that same night to defeat SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey following Rousey’s match with Natalya.

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Liv addressed the crowd in San Diego and jumped up and down with joy at having won her first title in the WWE. The audience showed their appreciation with chants of “You deserve it,” and Liv responded by saying “We deserve it!”

However, one former SmackDown Women’s Champion who isn’t pleased about Morgan’s success is Bayley. While the star was originally in Liv’s corner and even tweeted that she wanted the star to win at the Premium Live Event and said that she was the happiest she’d been all year after the cash-in, she changed her tune when it came to Monday Night Raw. As Liv addressed the crowd, Bayley tweeted that she was “over it already.”

Shortly thereafter, Bayley tweeted a photo of herself attempting to call the new champion via FaceTime but receiving no answer as Morgan was currently addressing the crowd on Raw. She hilariously said that Liv was “done for” after not answering the phone.

“I deserve to be replied to. You’re done for.”

Bayley hasn’t been seen on WWE television since early July of 2021, when she suffered an ACL injury during training. She was expected to be out of action for nine months, and as that timeframe has long since passed, fans are eager for the Role Model to return to WWE television. The star has been teasing fans on social media for months with hints of a return, with the latest tease coming as recently as June 8th. However, recent posts indicate that she’s still dealing with the knee injury.

A recent report indicates that she is indeed working toward an in-ring return.