Former AEW Star Brandi Rhodes Reveals Surprising New Business Venture

Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes looks to be following in the footsteps of a close “Nightmare Family” friend with a new business venture.

The former AEW Chief Branding Officer is looking to establish her own brand later this year as Rhodes revealed she has plans to set up her own yoga and Pilates studio. Brandi revealed the news to Denise Salcedo while on the red carpet for her husband Cody’s upcoming WWE documentary. Brandi provided further detail later on Twitter:

“Finally revealed what I’ve been doing over the last year at last night’s red carpet. 200+ hours of yoga and Pilates training has lead me to open my OWN yoga + Pilates reformer studio with in-person and virtual app based classes. So much more to come, opening Fall 2023!”

Brandi Rhodes Has Good Reason To Start Her New Yoga Studio

During her red carpet conversation with Salcedo, Rhodes made mention that doing yoga and Pilates helped her cope with anxiety and post-partum depression after giving birth to her daughter Liberty in 2021.

Seredipituously, the Rhodes family is close friends with Diamond Dallas Page, who is the founder of DDPY, his own yoga-based program that has a heavy focus on dynamic resistance. Rhodes’ new venture will aim to help young mothers who have found themselves in a similar position such as herself.

Rhodes has basically remained off of television since leaving AEW and hasn’t expressed a desire to return in front of the screen. While her husband Cody is taking WWE by storm, Rhodes looks to be content in seperating herself from the industry. However, several Rhodes family members have been on WWE programming, including Cody’s mother and Pharaoh, Brandi and Cody’s beloved husky.