Forgotten WWE Star Set To Be The Topic Of A Film On A “Grand Scale”

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A biopic is being produced on the life of Kavita Devi, WWE’s first female star from India.

Devi made her pro wrestling debut in India in 2016. Using the name Hard KD, she competed in The Great Khali‘s promotion, Continental Wrestling Entertainment, for two years before making her way to the US to compete in WWE’s first Mae Young Classic tournament.

Although she fell to Dakota Kai in the first round, the star made an impression and was signed to a contract the following year. She made her first appearance for the company at WrestleMania 34, taking part in the Women’s Battle Royal.

She then became a regular in NXT, making numerous appearances for the developmental brand. In August 2019, the star was sidelined with a torn ACL and has not been in the ring since.

Indian WWE star Kavita Devi to be subject of biopic

The Times of India has recently reported that an “ambitious” biopic on the life of Devi is being produced by Pretty Aggarwal.

Aggarwal says Devi’s life is “very inspiring” due to her courage in overcoming the odds to join WWE.

“Her whole life has been very inspiring. In every stage of her life she showed a lot of courage to fight all the odds and proved her ability to win.

“WWE has always been considered as a male bastion. Later, many women from around the world started taking interest in it and professionally started participating in it, but still there was no female representation from India.

“Kavita proved her mettle and showed that Indian women are no less. She jumped into the WWE ring with all her might.

“Notably, after marriage she wanted to quit playing, but with her husband’s support she continued playing post her marriage and brought many laurels to India.”

While it was reported that Devi had been released from her contract in May 2021, the star has since denied that’s the case.

Instead, she said at the time she was caring for her husband as he recovered from COVID-19 and was working on a new arrangement with the company that would allow her to remain in India.