Forgotten WWE Star Now Working On Disney’s Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

Most often, when a WWE Superstar is released from their contract, they will turn up in another promotion sooner or later. However, one star has found his career going in a different direction.

Noah Pang-Potjes was signed with the company in 2014 and began making appearances in NXT dark matches the following April. He made his official debut in the developmental brand that September.

Potjes’ first appearance saw him teaming up with Alexander Wolfe in the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament. Unfortunately, the pair were unable to get past the first round, suffering a defeat to The Hype Bros.

Potjes moved to singles action and made sporadic appearances on NXT TV, losing matches to the likes of No Way Jose, Andrade El Idolo, and Shawn Spears.

In late 2016, he changed his name to Kona Reeves but continued to act as an enhancement talent, losing to KENTA and Malakai Black. Reeves disappeared for most of 2017 before re-emerging as a heel in April 2018.

After picking up a few victories over Patrick Scott and Raul Mendoza, Reeves went back to his losing ways and ultimately never picked up much momentum. In August 2021, he became one of the 80 stars released during that year.

After leaving WWE, Reeves made a few appearances on the independent scene but has not wrestled since November 2021.

Kona Reeves is now working at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

The star has now resurfaced in a surprising role in Disney’s Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. A photograph of him has been doing the rounds on social media and you can see it below.

Kona Reeves now works at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
by u/mromosexual in SquaredCircle

According to Wikipedia, he is playing the ‘German Mechanic’ on the show. This was a character in Raiders of the Lost Ark who met a gruesome demise when he was ripped to shreds by an airplane propeller.

A Twitter user who saw the show confirmed this was indeed Reeves’ role.

“Saw Kona Reeves at the Indiana Jones stunt show in Disney World last year. Sadly he was ripped to shreds by an airplane propeller.”