Forgotten Sons Officially Renamed

Knights of the Lone Wolf

After being paired up with King Corbin last week, the Forgotten Sons are the Forgotten Sons no more!

One week after Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake returned to WWE television alongside King Corbin, accompanying the former United States Champion for his match against Murphy, the Forgotten Sons has officially been renamed as The Knights of The Lone Wolf.

On week’s show, highlights of said match were shown with Corbin telling Blake and Cutler it was perfect and that both men helped him even the odds.

Corbin hinted at what we can expect from the group, saying they would bring back “some old school attitude” – comparing the trio to Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers, and the Night King and his White Walkers – before unveiling Blake and Cutler as the Knights of the Lone Wolf.

Hinting that his feud with the Mysterios will continue, Corbin noted that since they “aren’t family” – like the Mysterios – family drama will not get in the way.

Meanwhile, the third Forgotten Son – Jaxson Ryker – seems to have been paired with Elias on the RAW side, at the very least for this week’s Main Event. We should find out on this week’s show whether that experiment was deemed successful.

You can check out the full results from this week’s SmackDown here.