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Footage Emerges Of Jeff Hardy Before Arrest

Jeff Hardy

Footage has emerged from a concert Jeff Hardy was giving just hours before his DUI arrest where Hardy calls whisky his “best friend and worst enemy.”

Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13th after allegedly driving under the influence. According to Volusia County jail records, Hardy was charged with Driving While License Canceled/Suspended/Revoked, Violation of Restrictions Placed on Drivers License, and DUI Alcohol/Drugs Third Offense within 10 Years.

It was later reported that Hardy had nearly four times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood at the time of his arrest, which happened at 9.54 am local time.

Now footage has emerged online from a concert Jeff Hardy was performing at the night before his arrest. Hardy is seen talking to his audience before finishing a glass of what appears to be whisky and saying:

“Whisky is my best friend and my worst enemy.”

Jeff Hardy drinking whiskey and calling it "my best friend and my worst enemy" the night before his DUI arrest. from SquaredCircle

Since his arrest, AEW President Tony Khan released a statement confirming that Hardy has agreed to undergo treatment for substance abuse issues. The statement also says that Jeff Hardy is now suspended without pay and that he will only return to the active AEW roster on completion of his treatment and maintaining his sobriety.

Earlier reports stated that AEW had requested their broadcast partner WarnerMedia remove Hardy from all upcoming advertising.