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Foley, Rock And Schiavone Reflect On ‘Putting Butts On Seats’ In Historic Title Win

Mick Foley has commented on his celebrated WWF Title win from the January 4th, 1999 edition of Monday Night RAW, viewed by many as the pivotal moment in the Monday Night Wars.

Noting the episode’s 22nd anniversary on Twitter, the WWE Hall of Famer made reference to WCW’s notorious blunder in which lead commentator Tony Schiavone was instructed to spoil the results of the pre-taped episode of RAW.

In a now infamous call, Schiavone quipped:

Fans, if you’re even thinking about changing the channel to our competition, do not. We understand that Mick Foley, who wrestled here at one time as Cactus Jack, is gonna win their World title. Ha! That’s gonna put some butts in the seats!

Following this, circa 600,000 viewers switched from Monday Nitro to Monday Night RAW to bear witness to the beloved underdog, then known as Mankind, defeating The Rock to claim the company’s top prize.

To make matters worse, it was later highlighted that many fans had chosen to switch back to Nitro following Foley’s title win, thereby suggesting that WCW had inadvertently driven fans away from a show they may otherwise have stuck with.

Schiavone, now working with All Elite Wrestling, took the tweet in good humour:

In addition, Foley’s opponent that night, one Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, also commemorated the historic moment in response to Foley’s tweet:

In the months following the title win, WWF fans would routinely bring signs to live events stating that Foley had indeed put their butt in a seat, thus adding further salt to a self-inflicted wound from the WCW brass.