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“F**k You!” – Pat McAfee To Fan And Tan Criticism

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Kings of NXT leader, Pat McAfee, has finally spoken out on the issue of NXT removing him from television and blasted a detractor all at the same time…though somewhat kayfabe.

On December 25, it was announced by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the impressive talent would be removed from NXT telelvision with immediate effect and was not expected to return until spring 2021.

McAfee naturally reacted to this with a tweet which jokingly stated that he’d been fired on Christmas Day, but has since finally spoken out on the news on the latest edition of his radio show.

Replying to a fan named Benny Butz who suggested WWE did the correct thing in ‘firing’ him because they were probably tired of cleaning fake tan off of their canvas – a clear shot at the abundance of orange on display in the Kings of NXT bloc – McAfee went off on the devotee with this scathing run-down:

“Hey Benny Butz, get off my ass, dude. I tried to get some sun, son, but Indiana doesn’t have any for like five or six months, what do you want from me? I’m super Caucasian, I become red easily. I have a tanning bed in my house, but I got third-degree burns from the first time I laid on it. My entire body looked like a goddamn zebra for six months. I can’t use it, so I use the spray tan. My first match, NXT TakeOver 30 against Adam Cole, I made some rookie mistakes and I should have been undefeated after that match. Maybe I got too dark of a spray tan. I didn’t go to my spray tan machine, I went to another one down in Florida and maybe that one was cooked a little too much. Maybe, when I was sweating, it was falling onto the canvas. Maybe everything that guy is saying is close to accurate, but that doesn’t mean I should have to read on the internet, all day Christmas, that NXT has just written me off of television for the rest of my life. F**k you, Benny Butz!”

While there is said no be no ill-will between the two parties, it is unknown when we will see McAfee on NXT television again.

His last appearance was December 6 at NXT TakeOver: WarGames where his Kings of NXT fell to The Undisputed ERA.

Credit for the interview: The Pat McAfee Show

h/t for the transcription Fightful