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Five Members Of Retribution Faction Revealed

Retribution stand backstage

The identities of five members of the Retribution faction that has been terrorising WWE programming were revealed in a backstage promo last night on WWE Raw.

Although all five were clad in hoods and face masks that hid their faces, it was clear from their eyes and their voices who was behind the disguise.

As reported by John Pollock of Post Wrestling, the five members of the crew were NXT stars Dominik Dijakovic, Dio Maddin, Shane Thorne, Mercedez Martinez and Mia Yim.

It is not yet known whether these five are being presented as the focal points of the group – which has numbered in the dozens in some segments – or whether more NXT names will be given featured roles.

It could well be the case that the background foot soldiers will be more akin to Akira Tozawa’s nameless and faceless ninjas, where the identity of those under the masks is not important.

The Retribution group has been a regular fixture on WWE television for weeks, initially running riot on both Raw and SmackDown before recently being confirmed as a Raw-exclusive act.

Having avoided SummerSlam and Payback, Retribution is likely to make their presence felt at Clash Of Champions on September 27. A likely scenario appears to be the members revealing themselves shortly afterwards, setting up a potential WWE vs. Retribution match at Survivor Series.