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First-Ever Bret Hart & Jim Cornette NFTs To Be Released

The first-ever NFT collectibles from Bret Hart and Jim Cornette are set to be released, thanks to NFT startup Wrarities.

The startup company announced that the first-ever officially licensed NFTs of WWE legend Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart will be available on Monday, July 5th via Wrarities’ website with fans and collectors getting the opportunity for the first time to own a piece of history as part of a four-tier drop featuring the former WWF Champion’s unique, non-fungible tokens.

Hart is known as one of the most credible wrestlers of all time, with WWE CEO Vince McMahon even recently proclaiming The Hitman as having the “highest credibility” of any champion in the company’s history.

“Bret is an unusual cat. Man, that was a real champion. The credibility factor with Bret, I think, will be the highest of anyone we ever had as champion.”

Hart, one of the most recognisable names and faces in the history of the industry is, of course, no stranger to controversy with his straight-talking style and his unfortunate starring role in the Montreal Screwjob whereby Hart was tricked out of the WWF Championship before departing WWE. Another man who is most definitely no stranger to controversy is the legendary Jim Cornette, whose first set of officially licensed NFTs will also be available through Wrarities!

The first-ever Jim Cornette NFTs will drop just over one week before Bret Hart’s iconic moments are immortalised in one of the most innovative media inventions of the century, with the NFT market value tripling in 2020 and reaching more than $250 million. Another man who doesn’t sugar-coat his words, the iconic manager, booker, colour commentator, promoter, trainer and broadcaster’s career spans over six decades,

Wrarities boasts that supply of these NFTs is extremely limited and demand for the first-time-ever collectibles likely means demand will be high.

To make sure you don’t miss out, you can register your interest via ProWrestlingNFT.com and make sure to follow Wrarities on Twitter and Instagram. Bret Hart’s four tier drop goes on sale on July 5th, 4pm ET while Jim Cornette’s will be available on Sunday, June 27th at 2pm ET.