Finn Balor Shows Off Grotesque Injury Sustained During WrestleMania 39

Finn Balor

Finn Balor has displayed the gruesome aftermath of his WrestleMania match.

Balor competed against Edge inside Hell in a Cell on night 2 of WWE’s biggest Premium Live Event. The match featured multiple weapon spots, with the one that caused the injury to force the match to be stopped briefly.

Finn Balor Receives Deep Cut In WWE Match

Edge grabbed a ladder and threw it at the head of The Demon. The inaugural Universal Champion was then seen clutching his head after the impact, with blood dripping onto the canvas. Edge approached Balor, but the referee instructed the Hall of Famer to retreat.

Medical staff would then come to the ring as multiple replays of the ladder shot were shown in picture-in-picture. Balor first refused medical help, but was then tended to by the ringside team.

Edge continued to collect weapons to distract the crowd, including collecting multiple kendo sticks and a second ladder to use in the match. Finn Balor would thankfully be cleared to continue, allowing the match to resume. The contest would end when Edge hit Balor with a con-chair-to.

Taking to social media, Balor posted a picture of the injury sustained. The picture would see a deep cut on the top of his head, with The Demon joking that the nasty looking ladder shot was “Just a flesh wound.”

The details of what medical attention Balor received at ringside have been revealed via PWInsider. The report states that Balor received a numbing agent via injection and staples while inside the structure to be able to continue with the match.

The Hell in a Cell match was the penultimate match of WrestleMania weekend. The 2 night event would conclude with Roman Reigns successfully defending the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Cody Rhodes. The show was opened with Brock Lesnar defeating The Nigerian Giant Omos.