Finn Balor Set To Defend NXT Title Against Adam Cole

Finn Balor Thumb

Finn Balor is set to defend his NXT Championship against Adam Cole on the March 10th episode of NXT.

On the most recent episode of the Black and Gold brand, Roderick Strong teared up his Undisputed Era arm band and challenged Adam Cole to come to the ring to explain his recent actions. Strong’s call wasn’t answered by Cole, but instead NXT Champion Finn Balor.

Strong blamed Balor for the break-up of the Undisputed Era, while the champion clearly unimpressed, proceeded to run down Strong. Balor went on to tell Strong that he had a way to get Cole to come to the ring, challenging him to championship match on the very next episode of NXT.

However, Balor wasn’t done quite yet. The champion continued to mock Strong saying that he will never be a leader, only a follower. Balor was in the process of telling Strong that he needed to have a “killer instinct like The Prince” when the former NXT North American Champion decided that he had heard enough, launching a right hand at Balor. A brawl erupted before the two men were pulled apart.

In recent weeks with Balor and the NXT Championship caught in the middle, the Undisputed Era has disintegrated, with Cole landing a superkick on Kyle O’Reilly at TakeOver: Vengeance Day. For his part Balor interrupted a confrontation between Cole and Strong on the February 24th episode of NXT in order to attack Cole, he was eventually dispatched out of the ring, allowing Cole to hit a low blow on Strong.

It should also be noted that there is far more history between Balor and Adam Cole than just their recent animosity, with Balor confronting Cole on his return to NXT back in 2019.