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Finn Balor Says NXT 2.0 Revamp “Was Needed”

Finn Balor

Two-time NXT Champion Finn Balor has claimed that the NXT 2.0 revamp needed to happen as there were a lack of fresh match-ups available.

Finn Balor competed appeared on NXT upon signing with WWE in 2014, before being called up to the main roster in 2016. The Prince returned to the black and gold brand in October 2019 in an attempt to refresh his character. He later won the NXT Championship for a second time.

The first ever Universal Champion then retuned to the main roster in July 2021, just two months before NXT was rebranded as NXT 2.0.

As part of the revamp, NXT received new theme music, a new set, a new logo and the roster underwent significant changes. Veterans of the black and gold brand were swiftly replaced by the likes of Bron Breakker.

The changes didn’t go down well with a section of WWE’s fanbase, after the original brand had gained a huge cult following.

Appearing on WWE After The Bell, Balor discussed the changes to his former wrestling home. The Irish star said that the revamp was needed, although he stopped just short of saying that things had gotten stale.

“It was needed,” he claimed. “I don’t want to say it was getting stale, but having been there for a year and a half in my second run, I felt like all the matches had taken place, it was going in a cycle and something needed to change.

As soon as I left, 2.0 came in and it was a completely new crop of superstars, young fresh people. Me, as a fan, when I was younger, I never took joy out of seeing the same matches or same people every week. I was always hungry for, ‘who is this new guy, what’s his backstory? where did he come from? I wonder what moves he does.’ I was so curious about wanting to learn about these new guys. As a fan, that’s what I want.”

Expanding further, Balor said that since moving from NXT, he’s enjoyed seeing new talent come through and begin to make a name for themselves.

“As soon as I moved back to SmackDown and NXT 2.0 came out, it was so cool to see completely new people. I was only gone about a month and there were people I had never even met on TV. It was hugely surprising. Maybe a lot of people in the business were like, ‘that’s stupid, who are these guys? They haven’t paid their dues,’ but for me, as a fan, I think, ‘this is cool. These are guys I’ve never even heard their names and now they’re on TV and succeeding.’

I remember watching WarGames and these four relatively new guys in the ring with four experienced guys and it’s incredible and something fresh. Maybe I’m so jaded and exhausted from seeing so much over the years, but it was cool to see new guys doing new stuff. It’s unpredictable in the sense that you don’t know their spots, routine, or shtick. You’re getting to see and witness something new for the first time and that’s pretty rare. Hats off to NXT for risking it all and really committing to 2.0.”

Finn Balor was most recently in action on the February 28th episode of Monday Night Raw where he defeated Damian Priest to win the United States Championship. However, Balor wasn’t left much time to celebrate, with Priest attacking the new champion after the bell, launching him over the announce table with a Razor’s Edge.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.