Finn Balor Provides Update After Brutal WrestleMania 39 Injury [PHOTOS]

Finn Balor WWE WrestleMania 39

Finn Balor and Edge have been at odds ever since Balor ousted Edge from The Judgment Day, and at WrestleMania 39, the two went head to head inside Hell in a Cell.

Balor even brought back his iconic demon entrance for the match, weaving Judgment Day purple into his signature black and red face paint.

Unsurprisingly, the bout featured the use of numerous weapons including steel chairs and ladders. One spot went wrong, however, as when Edge threw a ladder at Balor’s head, he suffered a severe cut. Blood was evident on the ring’s canvas, and the bout was stopped for several minutes while Balor was treated at ringside.

Eventually, Balor was cleared to continue in the bout, eventually falling victim to a con-chair-to from Edge, who pinned Balor for the win.

Finn Balor Required 14 Staples To Close His Head Wound

While fans were critical of the match being stopped, the decision made more sense after Balor took to social media and posted a grotesque photo of his injury, showing a cut that was both deep and wide on top of his head. He joked that the injury was “just a flesh wound” in ode to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The details of what medical attention Balor received at ringside were revealed via PWInsider. The report states that Balor received a numbing agent via injection and staples while inside the structure to be able to continue with the match.

Taking to social media with an update, Balor revealed that he required 14 staples following the bout. Not only that, his back was visibly marked up due to shots from the multiple weapons used in the match.

Balor’s fellow Judgment Day member Dominik Mysterio also competed at WrestleMania 39, hoping to secure a victory over his father Rey Mysterio. However, Bad Bunny stopped Dominik from using a chain as a weapon, and Rey Mysterio picked up the victory over his son.

Rhea Ripley, however, scored a huge victory when she pinned Charlotte Flair to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.