Finn Balor Unveils New Entrance Gear At WWE Extreme Rules

Finn Balor

Heading into one of the biggest matches of his career at Extreme Rules, Finn Balor debuted a menacing new look for his entrance.

Finn Balor is well-known for his elaborate entrances when it comes to big matches. In the past, this has involved different variations of his ‘Demon’ persona through the use of bodypaint and intricate outfits.

However, as he headed into his ‘I Quit’ match against Edge at Extreme Rules, The Prince took a different route for his entrance gear, donning a new mask over his entire head which was covered in metallic spikes.

While, for some, the mask was reminiscent of horror icon Pinhead from the Hellraiser series, others pointed out the similarity to one of the masks worn by Kanye West during his ‘Yeesus’ tour back in 2013-2014.

Either way, the look added an extra layer of intimidation to Finn Balor as he made his way to the ring. The match itself began with Balor and Edge brawling and descended into complete chaos as it wore on.

The Judgment Day ran in to assist their leader, with Rhea Ripley handcuffing Edge to the ring ropes, allowing Balor to attack him with a kendo stick.

Rey Mysterio ran in to help his friend but was viciously attacked by his own son, Dominik, before he could reach the ring.

Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, then appeared in the ring to help him and, after fighting off Ripley, was able to free her husband from the handcuffs.

Just when it appeared that Edge could win despite the odds, Ripley laid out Phoenix with brass knuckles and the rest of Judgment Day held the WWE Hall of Famer back while Ripley threatened Phoenix with a Conchairto.

Edge quit, handing the victory to Finn Balor in an attempt to save his wife, but Ripley went ahead and crushed her head with a steel chair regardless while he helplessly looked on.