Finn Balor – “Maybe I Lost Sight Of Who And What Was True To Myself”

Finn Balor Thumb

The Prince, Finn Balor has revealed that he felt that he lost sight of who and what he was prior to returning to NXT in 2019.

After leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling in April 2014, Finn Balor immediately made the move to NXT, signing with WWE the following month. Balor would go on to enjoy a great deal of success on the black and gold brand, winning the NXT Title, and the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

This success led him to be drafted to RAW in the summer of 2016, becoming the Number One Contender for the newly created Universal Title in his first match. Balor’s good form continued as he went on to win the championship at SummerSlam. However, the Irishman was forced to relinquish the belt due to injury the next night on RAW and never quite hit those heights on the main roster again.

Despite stints with the Intercontinental Title, Balor eventually stepped away from the main roster following SummerSlam 2019. After a break, Balor returned to NXT sporting a new attitude and an updated version of his character.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on Out of Character, ‘The Prince’ discussed his return to NXT, adding that his current character is the most ‘true to life’ version of himself that we’ve seen.

“The current Finn Balor character is the most accurate to my personality in real life, the way I’m performing it now. I think in the past, it was a little different, but I feel like this is the closest I am to actually performing as myself in my career.”

“When you come to WWE, it’s such a well-oiled machine that has different departments that kinda help you reach your potential. I tried to keep a lot of those departments happy,” he added, “but maybe I lost sight a little of who and what was true to myself, or my character.”

Balor also revealed that his return to NXT was initially only due to last three months. But he wouldn’t change the latest chapter in his career for the world.

“The office came to me and said, ‘Hey, we know you need a little time to regroup and refocus, and we could use your help in NXT. Would you be open to the option of returning there for a little while? Maybe it’s three months. Maybe it’s six months. But you recalibrate your character and then go back to Raw or SmackDown.’”

“Three months turned into six months, turned into winning the title, turned to a year and a half now. I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s been a great learning experience for me.”

After losing the NXT Title at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver to Karrion Kross, Balor will attempt to win back the gold on the upcoming episode of NXT. Looking ahead to the bout, Balor was full of praise for Kross, saying that he’s going to be a huge star.

“I really had no idea what to expect when I stepped in the ring with him. I knew he was strong. I knew he was talented. I knew he had a lot of potential.

“When I was in the ring with him, when we locked up, I knew this guy has it. On every level.”

“I’m eagerly looking forward to the rematch on NXT. And I’m looking forward to it for a lot more reasons than I was the first one,” he added. “The first one I knew there was gonna be a big match aura, obviously. Two entrances, the similar stories of relinquished titles, came back, now fighting over the same title and it had a built in story. Now, I’m just looking forward to the fact that I just get to wrestle him again, because I think he’s got all the tools. He’s gonna be a huge star in the future.”

Should Balor win back the title, he will become the only man to win the championship three times.

Ahead of the clash a new report has emerged, suggesting that multiple NXT and NXT UK Superstars could be heading for the main roster.