Finn Balor Explains What’s “Killing Him On The Inside” In WWE

Finn Balor

Finn Balor may look picture perfect but the first-ever WWE Universal Champion says that the time for smiling is over as he deals with his struggles in the company.

Balor recently returned to SmackDown after a spell back in NXT that saw him recapture the NXT Championship. His sights were set on bigger prizes on the blue brand and he issued a challenge to Roman Reigns to face him for the WWE Universal Title. Reigns accepted the Irish star’s challenge but things became complicated thanks to a down on his luck Baron Corbin and a returning John Cena.

With Reigns and Balor in the ring set to put pen to paper on a contract for their title match. Things took a turn for the worse when Corbin attacked Finn Balor from behind. While things have been increasingly tough for Corbin, he saw a title match and potentially becoming Universal Champion as a way to return to his former glory. As he looked set to put his name in Balor’s place, John Cena attacked and got hold of the contract himself. Cena wasted no time in putting his name on the dotted line and taking the main event slot at SummerSlam.

Ultimately Cena’s plan to become the seventeen-time champion of the world failed to come to fruition as he was defeated by Reigns at The Biggest Party Of The Summer.

Appearing on Talking Smack, Balor vented his frustrations prior to SummerSlam:

“I used to smile all the time because it was easier to smile than try to explain to people what’s killing me on the inside. Well, I’m done smiling. I’ll tell you what’s killing me. The fact that John Cena stepped over my body and signed my contract, that’s killing me. The fact that Roman Reigns and The Usos jumped me from behind two weeks ago, and tried to smash me, that’s killing me. The fact that I’m on the outside in the main event of SummerSlam. That is killing me. I hope John Cena and Roman Reigns tear each other apart because I’ll be waiting like a vulture, ready to devour what’s left. Then they’re gonna wish that I was still smiling because I’ll be killing them.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription