Finlay Recalls Trying To Sell Hornswoggle In The Philippines

Finlay Hornswoggle

Fit Finlay has told the story of the time he tried to sell his on-screen son Hornswoggle under dubious circumstances during a tour in the Philippines.

Finlay was paired up with Hornswoggle in May 2006 with Hornswoggle a thorn in the side of many of Finlay’s opponents as he emerged time and again from under the ring to attack.

Speaking to WWE Hall Of Famers JBL and Gerald Brisco on their ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw‘ the Northern Irishman told the story of unsettling Hornswoggle by putting a price on his head.

Finlay elaborated:

“So we’re in the lobby of the hotel in the Philippines somewhere. I see the guy looking at Swoggle like he’s looking at a meal. Right. And I go, ‘hey, you want to buy him?’ So I’ve got Swoggle by his collar and I’m holding on while this guy and myself we’re talking money, we’re going how much? While Swoggle’s looking up and me, like, ‘Wait, no, what are you doing?’ ‘I’m going to sell you it’ll be alright I’ll get you back.’ The guy is talking serious money here, and I’m pushing them towards and pushing Swoggle towards the guy. And he’s going ‘oh no,’ as we said he’s going ‘Dave, Dave, Dave…’ The more serious of this was like 15-minute conversation. And he [Swoggle] is sweating his nuts off because he thinks I’m going to sell him, I would have done it if the money was right.”

Finlay wound down his in-ring WWE career in 2010 to focus on his role as a backstage agent and producer. He had a brief stint on the independent scene during a hiatus from the company but returned to his backstage role in July 2012.

Credit: Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw

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